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Some want a fantasy relationship, whilst others are busy professional workers looking for a fast-track way to find a partner. The most dangerous person online is a predator who is out to humiliate and control women, and there is a rise in dating site scams where fake profiles con people to part with money. In the UK over , people are scammed yearly, losing thousands of pounds.

They met on Lusomeet

The major risk of online dating is, of course, how can you be sure that the person in the photograph is exactly who they say? On MTV, a programme called Catfish clearly illustrates how people are deceived by falling in love with somebody who turns out to be someone else completely.

How NOT to Date - Portugal

The gorgeous girl has often turned out to be a guy! Many members are happy to just conduct online relationships and one third of online daters never actually meet face to face. However, it can be a stimulating and enjoyable way to make new friends. When you join a site you are marketing yourself and you should shop around to find the sites that most meet your needs. It is also important to understand exactly what the other person is looking for to avoid unrealistic expectations and disappointments, because you can still get hurt and feel rejected online.

To be successful, members should upload flattering photographs and honesty should be paramount. For men, do not say you are 1m80 and when you meet your date, she towers over your real height of 1m50!

Photographs should be recent ones and not you before you went bald! Online, it is easy to initially judge people on appearance and unfortunately if someone is less attractive, their profile is likely to get fewer hits. But, maybe the less attractive individual is actually the loving and attentive person you want, whilst the more attractive one you contacted turns out to be arrogant and disloyal.

Apparently the most popular individuals are those with evasively minimalistic and humorous profiles.

Portugal Dating Agency, Portugal Singles Agency, Portugal Personals Agency

It cannot be easy competing with so many others vying for attention and men usually far outnumber the women. There are free and paying sites but does paying guarantee members are more serious and of a different calibre? Did you know there are dating coaches and people you can hire to pretend to be you online until you actually meet someone for a first date?

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So, are dating sites a more effective way to meet people? The eventual relationship is no different and it is simply an alternative process to get to know each other. You have the advantage of knowing you are both interested and relationships progress to intimacy much faster, sometimes creating a false sense of familiarity, so it is vital to meet up to ensure the chemistry remains strong.

Online dating has now advanced to telephone apps allowing people to find potential friends at organized events or by location.

A guide to the Portugal dating scene

The top app Tinder has 50 million members including celebrities , and uses your GPS location and Facebook information to create your profile and find potential matches near you. Friends have a huge impact on our lives, sharing our happiest and darkest moments, and with youngsters growing up in a social media world, the stigma of online dating is far less than for older generations. At the end of the day it does not matter how you initially meet, and whatever your age, it is never too late to make new friends or even find love, as my friend recently has!

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