Dating antique rosaries

  1. How to Date an Antique Rosary
  2. Collecting Antique Rosaries | The Catholic Connection
  3. Collecting Antique Rosaries

How to Date an Antique Rosary

One of the most widely-used images on medals is the vision of Mary appearing at the grotto in Lourdes, France. Some medals and crucifixes contain relics or vials of water from holy sites. When determining the age of a rosary, check the crucifix to determine if it appears to match the center medal. Crucifixes were easily broken and sometimes replaced but the center medals are usually original to the rosary. Metal marks found on the bail, crucifix or center medal can be helpful, but some older rosaries contain no mark at all.

Many collectors just accept the fact that sometimes it is impossible to know for sure the exact date of a piece or the exact type of material or origin, but that only seems appropriate given the Mysteries that the rosary represents.

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Powered by WordPress Designed by: Instead they were joined at the fall by a simple ring. Then there was, at the end of the fall a small "credo cross" upon which the Nicene Creed was said, and finally a filigree crucifix at the end. Also, early Victorian rosaries had a LOT of filigree.

The Aves were usually faceted glass or semiprecious stones, the Paters were very frequently filigree beads, and the final crucifx was filigree. Often the Paters and sometimes the Aves also were capped with filigree. In the Fifties "glow in the dark" plastic rosaries became popular. Pearlized glass was popular from the mid 's to the early 's. Earliest ones were generally either fairly crudely made or "relic" crucifices, with a box in the center of the filigree, holding some bit of bone, soil, wood or whatnot that was part of something else that was deemed holy.

Early reliquaries were not openable, generally, but instead sealed shut.

The most common relic was a bit of soil from the Holy Land, brought back by pilgrims. Such a "Pilgrimage Rosary" would also be studded with many religious medals, for each place the traveling pilgrim had stopped. In the late Victorian period to the 's aluminum crosses with wood or clay centers, colored black, were quite popular. Often a skull and crossbones was affixed at the Corpus' feet. Early 20th Century reliquary crucifices began to be hinged at the top with a small screw at the bottom.

Opened, the relic would be displayed with a paper tag describing the item and its provenance. There are many interesting websites displaying rosaries of varying date and you can compare and contrast what you find.

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  • How to Date an Antique Rosary | Synonym?
  • Collecting Antique Rosaries.
  • Don't toss out "plastic" rosaries until you're sure of their date. Rosaries have been made of jet and amber both feel VERY much like plastic, are very lightweight and can be cheap looking if underground for a time since Medieval times.

    Collecting Antique Rosaries | The Catholic Connection

    You can date them by the chains that hold the beads together. Older rosaries have very complex chains between the Aves and Paters. I'm always in the market to buy intriguing stuff and use it in my work. We believe in recycling. As for the info on the rosaries, that is very useful. We have found many old rosary crosses, but few with the beads still attached. My sister collects old rosaries. She says she is "rescuing" them from flea markets and garage sales. She sat and looked at my collection of crosses for hours. You currently have 0 posts.

    Collecting Antique Rosaries

    How to date a Rosary. I found this old Rosary in a small park here in Kansas. Not much else a few pennies. But my question is how to determine the age of the Rosary and box.